Lack of posts

I am so sorry for the lack of posts as of recently.  I am working on some things and they are taking up all my time and energy.  In a couple of weeks I will show you what I have been working on, so please be patient.  My meals and selection have not wavered much. 
Breakfast everyday pretty much consists of a fiber cereal with an english muffin and some type of fruit.
Snacks consist of apples, cheese sticks, hummus, fruit, laughing cow cream cheese wedges, etc. 
Lunches have varied depending on if I had leftovers but always filled with a protein and some good carbs.
Suppers have been really sporadic lately for us....we have been so busy at nights that suppers are usually grilled something and veggies from our garden.  Nothing to exciting to give you the recipe. 
Last night, B and I enjoyed a great spinach fritatta.  It was hot so I wanted something light for supper and this hit the spot. 
Still getting my 4-5 mile runs in every other day, but like I said, time and energy are not my friends these days. 
Take care.  Look for my P90X review later today!


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