Cedar Rapids Farmers Market

Saturday we decided to head to the Cedar Rapids Farmers Market and meet our friends, the Lower and Porisch families for some good ole family fun. This is about 6 blocks or more of vendors from everything you can imagine. vegetables, fruit, flowers, clothing, jewelry...so much to take in, but we were focused on one thing....a PRIMO BURRITO. These babies are a breakfast wrap filled with hashbrowns, sausage, bacon, eggs, cheese, and all sorts of goodness. They are huge so Bryson and I enjoyed sharing one.

                          Squeal...makes me want another one real bad

               The kids climbing, Bryson is outnumbered with this group.  3 girls, and he is the lone boy....

Couples golf tournament this weekend. Should be fun.  My sister Rachael and her husband Kirk are coming to join us.  Heard Rachael didn't play so hot last weekend when they were practicing.  Told her she better bring her A game.:)


  1. We're excited for Saturday's golf tourney!! We're more about the fun than the competition, so no worries, Rachel! Hoping for a nice (NOT TOO HOT) day!


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