Vitamin Water, Energy Drinks Q & A

After a great run this morning with my friend Amber, my stomach was growling.  What better than a egg white sandwhich on thomasville wheat bagel thins, with spinach, turkey bacon, avocado (for some good fat) and a slice of cheese.  And for my sweet tooth, some strawberries and grapes.

Mid Morning Snack. I love yogurt! It provides healthy probiotics for digestion system, 100 calories, and a fruit serving.  Sometimes I add some grape nuts or granola for that extra crunch and fiber. Today I am just going plain jane with a cheese stick on the side.

Lunch is going to be a light strawberry spinach and mixed greens salad with light italian dressing due to Italian Night at Golf League night, and I love my pasta. I brought some turkey peices to add to my salad for a little protein kick.  Tomorrow night I will be preparing a healthy pasta dish and I can't wait to share the recipe. 

Mid Afternoon Snack. Pears and Cottage Cheese.  I love cottage cheese with fruit.  Great snack.

So, thank you to all who have commented to me by email, facebook, etc. on the new blog. I am very excited about it and it's potential.  I have already had a couple of questions, and a couple fitness review requests.

So here it is, my first official question and answer blog:

Question:  I have been running 15-20 miles a week and drink plenty of water, but I do like drinks like Propel and Sobe Lifewater.  Do these help me or hurt me in my training and get healthier goals?  I also enjoy energy drinks such as Monster, Rockstar, Xience? Counterproductive?

Answer:  First, great job on the mileage you run each week. When I recieved this question I went out and checked the labels on a Propel and Sobe Lifewater. 

My findings: Vitamin water does have its advantages, it does provide some vitamins to your diet. A 16-20 oz bottle provides anywhere from 50-100% of various vitamins.There are also disadvantages to vitamin water. The biggest disadvantage is that most still contain calories. Regular 16-20 oz bottles of vitamin water contain almost as many grams of sugar and calories as many 12 oz cans of soda. Lighter versions are better but many still contain crystalline fructose and other natural sweeteners which can keep you craving sweet foods and drinks which can lead to consuming more calories than intended.

I personally would not use Propel and Sobe as a water replacement while exercising, but as a supplemental drink every once in awhile and I don't see it really detering your workout goals if used in moderation. I workout and during my off days I enjoy a propel powder packet in my water to change things up a bit but a lemon in water tastes just as good.

 As for energy drinks, I stay away from those, because I feel the caffeine overloads me and my heart races. The caffeine also exretes the water from your body making you feel dehydrated.  Exercising makes you lose body fluids in the form of sweating and drinking an energy drink will just make you lose more water from your body.  When researching the ingredients in some of the energy drinks mentioned, most of the ingredients had no benefit to athletic performance, most caused digestive distress, some cardiovascular dysfunction....kind of scary. 

Hope that answers your questions.  Thanks for submitting them!  Remember, these are my opinons and views.  Take them as you want to. 


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