There's just something about cereal.....

I like to mix up my breakfasts in the morning, from oatmeal to egg sandwhiches, to thin bagels, I try everything and anything.  The one breakfast item I truly love and could eat everyday for every meal is cereal.  I don't know if it is the cold, crisp milk or what, but I love cereal.  This morning, I wanted said cereal so I had my fiber one again. I am kind of hooked on this cereal.  Sweet, plenty of fiber, and oat clusters for crunch.  I had to take it to go since I was running late for work.  I was a little tired from the storms passing through.  It amazes me that my 3 year old son can sleep through insanely loud thunder and torrential downpours, but I can't. 

For my snacks today:  Morning The ole staple of "the apple of the week" Pink Lady apples and a cheese stick

This afternoon:  Haven't had hummus in a while so I am going to enjoy those with some Special K crackers (bad lighting on the picture I know)

            For Supper tonight I am making a "grilled pizza"  It is something I am experimenting with so we will see how it goes.  I am pretty sure any kind of pizza is good with me.

Hoping to squeeze in a 4 mile run tonight if it is not too muggy and insanely hot!


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