My 1st Half Marathon.....check

Well, after a hiatus yesterday by blogger(was not working) I am back and ready to post. I will first post that I FINISHED A 12.4 MILE HALF MARATHON ON SATURDAY, in the pouring rain, in the cold and in 2 HOURS! For you professional runners that might not seem like very fast but for me, who is not a runner, it was my goal and to complete that goal felt GREAT! This was something I had on my "list", and I enjoyed it, and I might just do it again next year with a new goal. My knees held up great, my legs were a little sore the next day, and the burns I recieved from my shirt rubbing on my arms and neck are still very painful...but all worth it.

Bryson has started his baseball career and so begins the Tuesday, Friday night games.  It is fun watching him learn new things.  He is doing pretty well...on offense. The kid loves to hit the ball, but defense is another story....he is attentive for about 15 minutes and then if there is no action, we start playing with the dirt.  Pretty cute, but for a mom who is very competitive, it is not focusing:) don't judge is who I am.  I took a lot of pictures but I didn't want to overload everyone.  He has 6 more games to play so there will be plenty more! 


  1. This is fantastic - way to GO! You should be very proud of what you have accomplished; that's still my 3-4 mile pace :)


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