Yes, I have been missing in action but time just got away from me this weekend visiting my parents, enjoying the county fair, life, but I am here for the moment.  There won't be much to post today as I have no groceries in the house.  A grocery trip is in order tomorrow because I have a baseball game tonight to attend.  And as I went to download my pictures on here for my supper last night and breakfast this morning, I realized they did not copy over and I deleted them all....UUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH, great start to my day!

Last nights supper:  Chicken Parmensan using multigrain spaghetti pasta, grilled chicken, knorr parmesan mix

Breakfast this morning:  Bowl of Total cereal with fresh black raspberries provided by my in laws straight from the vine

Snack 1...cottage cheese with cantaloupe

Lunch...will be with work at Atlas downtown, I had their black bean soup a long time ago and it was delish

Snack 2...crackers and hummus

Supper. Who knows.  At the ballpark. Popcorn. Sounds good to me!

I promise to have groceries tomorrow and a great recipe for you!


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