Let the freezing/canning/bagging begin...

Last night officially started our garden canning/freezing/bagging frenzy.  Kyle and I (and Bryson) love having a garden.  All the fresh vegetables we grow.  I just wish things grew faster than what they do!  

I LOVE my Seal a Meal vaccumm. Stores all my fruits, veggies, meats for another meal, meals, in the freezer. 

2 bags of green, red, and yellow peppers stored and freezing for stir fry night(these were store bought, not grown...yet...again waiting patiently.

Sugar Snap Peas(sorry no picture...forgot)...check, 1 bag down who knows how many more to go

My parents are coming down to visit this weekend...so super excited. Bryson has a baseball tournament on Saturday so they are going to watch him play.  We always look forward to their visits!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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