Good intentions....

I had good intentions last night to make my grilled pizza, but in laws call and want you to go in for some smoke ribs, you can't say no to that.  My son, Bryson and I shared a half rack of ribs, and boy were they delish.  The picture does not do it justice, but they practically fell off the bone. 
Good thing B and I ran 2 miles into town(felt more like 8 miles since we were running directly into the wind, with a stroller, with the top up) ate, and then walked the 2 miles home.  Wore off some of those ribs and it felt good to not run in the humidity.

So, tonight Grilled Pizza is on the menu.  A light spinach salad for lunch today since I overdosed last night on the ribs. Banana for a snack, and cottage cheese and fruit for an afternoon snack. Tomorrow morning I am trying out a new breakfast.  It has the potential to be a favorite. 

Tomorrow I will be posting my Top 10 arm strengthening exercises....stay tuned.


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