Birthdays, County Fairs, and parks, oh my!

This past weekend was full of activities...activities that I took pictures of with my sisters camera mostly, who will probably not download them on her computer till next year! So, you will get pictures of what I got on my camera...and hopefully when she downloads them, I can post those later.
By the way, Bryson did not catch a rabbit this year.  This mom and dad are thankful but he was pretty upset.  Side note: kids who can't walk to catch their own rabbit shouldn't be in there with their moms, who catch rabbits for them, taking them away from kids who can....bitter subject matter...let's move on.

                                                  We celebrated my neice Peyton's 3rd Birthday

Peyton got a Barbie Jeep, so life with the Spree family just became twice as dangerous, those standing around minding their own business better watch out, they stop for no one...

Kyle and Jenzen

Another busy weekend ahead for us.  4th of July festivies here in Williamsburg should be fun!  Kyle and I are running the firecracker race on Saturday morning, then Bryson is running the tot trot, a tractor pull, some inflatable rides. A parade and fireworks on Sunday.  Thank goodness I have Monday off from work! 


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