Beautiful Day.....

Alas, a day without rain.  Loving it.  Started my day with a nice 6 mile was so beautiful out this morning at 6:30.  Smell of last nights rain still hanging in the air....

No pictures for food today as I was coming and going at different times.
Breakfast...egg whites and and whole wheat english muffin
Snack...cheese stick
Lunch...earthgrain whole wheat thin bun, Go Healthy Turkey meat(first time trying it, will do a review on it later) lettuce from the garden, dijon mustard and avocado
Mid afternoon snack...multigrain special k chips, and a handful of fruit loops...I needed something sweet:)
Tonight, we are using up a gift certificate at our local place in town....we love to go there and it feels like ages....

I spent the afternoon with my son at the pool so we are ready for some good eats! 


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