A few changes.....

Been making a few changes around the house, here and there. 
1st up, the kitchen faucet...as you examine this photo you see no sprayer.  Yes, it has bothered me since the day we built the house, but I have dealt with it.  NO longer, I say.  I needed a sprayer to spray off all our stuff from the garden, it just makes it easier. 

So, we swapped it out for this baby, and I am in love.  The neck is higher so I don't crash and bang all my pots and pans, the end pulls out so I can spray my veggies.  Love it!  Thanks to my wonderful husband who went and totally redeemed himself as a plumber by hooking this up after his last plumbing fiasco...but we won't talk about that will we Kyle?

Also, added some lights that hang down over our island/eating area.  Easy as pie with a handy dandy kit from Lowe's! 

Thanks to my friend Darcy at http://www.dsdailylife.blogspot.com/, I set up this "meals of the week" frame that is going to hang in my kitchen.  I have been writing my meals on a sheet, but the sheet would get put behind something or stashed away and it would get lost.  This will hopefully solve that problem.  Thanks Darcy.  I love it!  Didn't have time to hang it last night so I will post a picture of it all filled out and hung tomorrow! 


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  2. Love the kitchen lights and super duper love those little blue pots on your window ledge!

  3. jealous of the faucet! It's gorgeous! love the lights too... hate my hot lights, wish I had pendants...very cool


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