A very SUPRISING Mother's Day........

On Saturday night, I was "SUPRISED" with a 30th Birthday party for ME!  I had NO CLUE! and according to a DNR officer(long story) I am a snoopy Sue so I don't know how they got this by me completely, but they did.  Kyle and my sister Nicole concocted this whole thing and Operation Birthday party was a total success.  I got to spend the night with great friends and family relaxing out by the fire, letting the kids run themselves tired, and just enjoying every minute.  Thank you to all who came and celebrated with me and came out to our house to help celebrate. 

If this picture doesn't say it all!

Kids running way from the rabbit and the "cookie monster"  I don't know how many times they ran back and forth.  That is the nice thing about summertime, kids can run, and run, and run!
Obviously I was saying something very imporant in this picture!

My beautiful sisters, and neice!  Rachael, Kirk, and the family made the trip down, and totally suprised me!

Just watching the kids run around! 

Miss Peyton and Bryson hamming it up!

This was the hangout for the kids for most of the night!

Love these people!

What I saw on the door, thinking someone was playing a cruel joke.  Till my freshman year, I did not take a good portrait picture for school and every once in awhile a picture will pop up that someone took from my parents house. This particular picture Jepson took from my parents house when he came up to Parkersburg to help with tornado cleanup.  He and Kyle thought it might come in handy in the future! 

And just for fun, here is B in the Thomas pajamas he refuses to let me put away, since obviously they are a tad small for him. 

Once again, THANK YOU all for coming to the party! 

T-minus 4 days till we leave for Vegas and Bryson goes to Grandma and Grandpa's with Nicole for a Buddy weekend.  I am looking forward to a fast, fun weekend with friends and family!


  1. Happy Birthday Casey!! Glad you were surprised!

  2. Happy Birthday...welcome to the 30's club! Vegas too! Man, I'm sooo jealous!


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