My FFF, (Fabulous Friday Find)

(Sorry about the bad picture)
Band-aid Blister Block.  Ever bought that fabulous pair of shoes and after about 10 minutes you feel the friction of shoe rubbing foot and a blister forming.  Have no fear, Band-Aid block is here....It is a like a mini deodorant stick you rub on the blister area.  It forms a "shield, and stops the blister from forming.   This little beauty has saved me on more than one occasion.  It is a staple in my purse.  I give it "5 stars" 

Enjoy...print off a coupon at


  1. totally need some of that! I need your new home address so I can get you an invite to my annual silpada open house. shoot me an email!

  2. had no idea this stuff even existed! Why the heck didn't I think of this?! Truly fabulous!


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