Fabulous Friday Finds

Today's feature:  LIP GLOSS

I am not a big lipstick wearer(unlike my sister Rachael who can't go anywhere without her lipstick) but I do love lipgloss and I wear it all the time.  I have some cheap drugstore ones that I prefer and some more expensive ones that I had splurged on.  Enjoy

Inexpensive drugstore finds:

1.  Rimmel Vinyl Bronze: Not sticky, smells good, perfect for summer time when nude colors are all the rage, just enough sparkle and sheen and a hint of bronze goddess. I also have the pink bronze too... Runs about 4 dollars

2. Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers: again not sticky, makes my lips feel smooth and lasts for a decent amount of time...it is sheer coverage but with just a tinge of color.  About 4 dollars
                                                      More Expensive brands

1. Bare Escentuals: I got their mini 4 pack around Christmas or before.  I enjoy having all the different colors to choose from.  This lip gloss is thicker and has decent color.  It is not sticky and also my lips feel pretty moisturized after using it.  These are still going strong after a lot of use. 26 dollars for the four pack

2. Mary Kay Nourishine Beach Bronze:  great bronze color with a subtle sparkle, not sticky, moisturizes the lips, decent wear time  14 dollars

So, that is my Fabulous Friday finds for today.  I love my lipgloss and if you look in my purse you will see everyone one of those lip glosses in there.  You never know when I might need one or the other. 

Going to be a busy weekend here with the Easter Bunny coming to town, the LIS 5k I am running in, and the Easter Egg hunt in the park for the kids.  I sure hope the weather holds up.  I hope everyone has a great weekend. Be safe if you are traveling. 


  1. Good to know on the glosses, I'm ready for a summer shade. Also, HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY. BIG 3-0! hope you had a great time, my husband had a coffin delivered to our driveway on my 30th.


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