A busy,painful, weekend

What a great weekend!  The weather was gorgeous!  Busy weekend here at the Wetjen household.  Just  few pictures from the weekend...Friday we decided to try our luck at a few holes of golf, and boy did Bryson love it.  We went Sunday and got him his own clubs so he could actually swing...Sunday night we were back out golfing, and he did suprisingly well.  Someone told me he was the next Tiger Woods, that thought made me shutter.  I know he is a phenomenal golfer but I don't think of that aspect when someone says Tigers name, I think of his "personal issues"  That is sad but he knew the consequences.  Anywhoo....

I love this picture of him carrying his clubs!

Here's the painful part....the next set of pictures are of a volleyball tournament my friends and I participated in on Saturday.  We started off great, and as the next 6 games wore on, so did we.  Even though we didn't make it to the championship, I had a great time playing with friends and getting back into the "competitive" volleyball spirit. 

Saturday night, the fireman department had their annual "Wive's Supper"  A thank you to the wives for dealing with them leaving at the drop of the hat for a fire, the sudden wake in the middle of the night when the pager alarm goes off, and for helping with various things throughout the year.  I am very proud of Kyle for volunteering on the fire department.  Makes me nervous but very proud.  Hopefully my friend Jess will have pictures for me to post tomorrow. I can't believe I didn't take any.  My camera is usually attached to my hip at all times. 
Hope everyone else had a great weekend! And here's hoping for a great week!


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