Do you like purses?  Do you like purses a little too much and buy a new one when the one your using is practically new? Should you be saving your money?  Do you stuff those purses in a closet somewhere, forgotten, unused?  Well, a couple of girls and I were discussing this at my jewelry party and thought....why not have a big ole exchange of purses so we can try new ones out every couple of months or so.  Use the purse, bring it back at the next exchange and pick another one.  So here is the plan:

Where: Party will be held at my house, Williamsburg...Bring any purses you have lying around that you feel someone could get some good use out of. 

When: April 23, 2010 at 6p.m. 

BYOB and a snack to share
Please RSVP if you are going to attend
No purses, no problems, come anyway!

We will discuss any questions and hammer out any details during this "party" too.  All purses will be signed out, so that none are missplaced.  Any questions, give me a call!  Amy B, add any comments to this if I left off anything:)


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