The day has arrived.....

I turned 30 today.  Enough said. 

Actually my mom said something pretty profound this morning and I quote "it is better than the alternative" and considering everything Parkersburg, my family, and I have gone through, I am thankful for another year and that I am embarking on a new year to try new things and see what "trouble" I can get into:). I am already registered for a half marathon..yes you heard me, 12 miles.  I want to do it once in my lifetime and no time like the present. Can't wait to cross that off my bucket list.   Age is just a number.  I still feel and act like I am 12.  Right family!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! 


  1. Happy 30th Casey!!!!! 30 is the new 20!! :) Have a great day!

  2. welcome to the club! when are we going to celebrate??? have a great day!

  3. Which half marathon did you sign up for? I want to do one, but don't know that I'll be ready until fall. I'm doing the Chicago SGKomen breast cancer 60 mile 3 day walk in August. Btw, I love your photo collage header. You'll have to give me some blogging tips!!:)


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