High Intensity Interval Training is time efficient and effective

No more should I hear that phrase " I don't have enough time to work out" thanks to a new study by scientists at Canada's McMaster University and published in the Journal of Physiology.    The study shows the gaining popularity of short term high intensity training(HIT) as an effective, time efficient, and safe alternative to moderate long term exercise.  More done for less!
What does this mean for you?  Do short bursts of exercise and small recovery breaks.  On a treadmill, spring for 1 minute, rest for a minute, 10x. You can apply this method to an elliptical, a bike, walking, jumping jacks, the possibilities are endless. 

According to Sciencedaily.com:

Gibala's team made headlines last year when they suggested that a few minutes of high-intensity exercise could be as effective as an hour of moderate activity. However, their previous work did not directly compare sprint versus endurance training.

The new study was conducted on 16 college-aged students who performed six training sessions over two weeks. Eight subjects performed between four and six 30-second bursts of "all out" cycling separated by 4 minutes of recovery during each training session. The other eight subjects performed 90-120 minutes of continuous moderate-intensity cycling each day. Total training time commitment including recovery was 2.5 hours in the sprint group, whereas the endurance group performed 10.5 hours of total exercise over two weeks. Despite the marked difference in training volume, both groups showed similar improvements in exercise performance and muscle parameters associated with fatigue resistance.

"Our study demonstrates that interval-based exercise is a very time-efficient training strategy," said Gibala. “This type of training is very demanding and requires a high level of motivation. However, short bursts of intense exercise may be an effective option for individuals who cite ‘lack of time’ as a major impediment to fitness."

So..now when I hear the phrase " I don't have time, I will say, do you have 10 minutes"


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