Fabulous Friday Finds

So I thought I would do a Fabulous Friday Finds. Things that I love and have used and think that everyone should use because you will find you can't live without them.  I am not going to be near a computer on Friday so I am doing it today so I get it done. 

Ladies, I would like to introduce you to

The Invisibelt   http://www.invisibelt.com/

This belt is a MIRACLE for me.....I need to wear belts because I have what they call a flat "ass"  and my pants do not stay up.  My belts were always so bulky under my shirts because I am not a girl who wears tummy shirts, I like my shirts long, so therefore they would have to go over my belt which created a "extra pooch for a girl who already has a "pooch" for a stomach anyways so I didn't need the extra bulk of the belt. 
Here is where my MIRACLE comes in.  When I wear this belt, no one can tell I am wearing one. Seriously.  I can't even tell when I look in a mirror.  I have had my belt for over a year and it is the only belt I wear.  Thin shirts, thick shirts, blouses, no bulk from the belt.  The belt is clear so you can't see a color through the shirt, they do offer fancy design and colored ones but I stick to my clear one. 
So there you have it, my FABULOUS FRIDAY FIND for this week. 
Have a great weekend. If you are around Friday night, come to the Firestation for some great food at the Williamsburg Fireman's Annual Fish Fry!  It is so yummy!  I will be working ,being the loyal fireman's wife I am, but don't think I won't be sampling all that fish in the back. 


  1. This is just what I have been looking for!! I have gone so far as to consider buying a "baby band" to go over the belt so you can't see the hump. I am definately looking into this one. Thanks for the find Casey! I am not so sure I am the girl for your purse party, but I might join in for the festivities. I think Teagan has more purses than me!


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