A place to hang my pretties...

I LOVE JEWELRY and when the chance to score some free jewelry by hosting a show for my wonderful cousin in law Ashley, I said "heck ya" Well, thanks to my wonderful guests, I did get some free jewelry and my previous necklace hanger with its 4 hooks was just not up to par.....so I decided to make a bigger one last night and it is working fantastic.  Total cost of the project: 4 dollars for the hooks:) even better! I got to use my new jigsaw and my power sander too, so that was fun! 

                                     Before                                                              After
Yes, that is a wine bottle, but it is empty, and  not from me because I don't think I should drink and handle power tools at the same time:) and no, I don't think I have enough jewelry!  A girl always needs jewelry!

Also a side note...I have started a fitness blog due to some requests.  Check it out, it will be reviews of workout videos, quick workouts to do on a time schedule, facts, information, and all kinds of other stuff.

So happy the weekend has finally arrived.  Everyone have a great one!


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