The Trial

I was going to post today on Bryson's 3rd birthday but alas as a mother I took pictures of some birthday shots but was helping with the presents so I didn't get a lot of him opening the presents. My sister Nicole came to the rescue and took some pictures so she is sending me some and I will have it for you tomorrow to add to mine.

As you all know on June 24, 2009, a year after the tornado, Parkersburg was rocked again by the murder of it's coach. The trial began last Monday and I have been listening and watching everyday. It is painful to relive everything again, and I feel so sorry for the Thomas family who have to endure all the pictures, and testimony, and "what ifs", and "what could of been dones". Today is the day the jury will decide Mark Beckers fate. Was he insane at the time or did he know what he was doing? Listening to the testimonies of everyone, he knew what he was doing. It was very calculated. I sit on pins and needles waiting for it to start today.

Pray for the families today.


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