No cute title

This post today has no cute title, no big news, just a few pictures of my new neice to let you know I am still here and still blogging. This week will be a full week of blogging for me as it is going to be my baby boy Bryson's birthday on Wednesday the 17th. Be prepared for lots of pictures tomorrow, and this weekend when we have all the family over for a big ole' Fireman party.

By the way, Skype has to be the best thing ever for long distance families. We can hop on the computer call up the family and see them on the computer and talk with them. I hate that I can't reach through and hug but at least we get to see each other and this precious girl ( and her sister Peyton)

Look at those itty bitty hands....
Oh, and also. I am having a Brunch/Jewelry party at my house on March 6th at 10:30a.m. Mainly it is a chance for ladies together, enjoy some great conversation, and look at some pretty jewelry from Premier Jewelry. My cousins wife sells it and is going to be there. Come one come all. You don't have to buy just come enjoy some girl time!


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