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I was tagged by my friend Nicky on her blog Momma Gets Real http://mommagetsreal-nicky.blogspot.com/2010/02/friday-face-off.html to tell about my face regimen and what it entails and after I am done I will tag two people too. We all know I have acne issues and this regime has helped so I am sticking with it. It seems like a lot of steps but not really. So here it goes...

Every morning and night cleanse with Olay Clarify and Cleanse, contains salicylic acid to control blemishes

In the morning I moisturize with Clean and Clear, contains salycilic acid

At night I moisturize with Clinique Super Moisture Antioxidant For those oncoming wrinkles and moisture since my undereye area gets super dry in the winter I use Clinique all about eyes...I got it free in a free gift with purchase, and have loved it...I only use this at night.

Alright, now, here is where the miracle starts....I used to be a Bare Escentuals user but then it started breaking me out and it was really not providing as much coverage as I need. I am so happy with the foundation I found, feels like I am not wearing anything and it literally lasts all day, even through my treadmill workouts and I sweat alot.

I start with a primer (oil free of course)after I put on my moisturizer, this just smooths out the wrinkles and eases the redness. I love it and would not go a day without it, even in the summer when I just use my tinted moisturizer and bronzer a lot. This is my miracle right here. Clinique Superfit. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this, great coverage, doesn't feel like I am wearing anything, and it lasts a long time....
In the summer I love my tinted moisturizer...I apply primer and this and bronzer and am good to go....it isn't full coverage but it works for when I don't want to apply foundation... My bronzer....

and lastly Wet and Wild Cream Eyeliner. I love a cream eyeliner because it creates a soft line. So there you have it. Seems like a lot of steps but it is pretty fast. I love makeup and I love trying new products. Thanks Nicky for the tag....
Now, I tag
Amy B. from OurBeckerLife
Darcy S from DSdaily life
Have fun girls!


  1. Awesome! I posted a "revised" I forgot my lipstick and your guys' site. Totally want to try the Clinique Superfit... great stuff! Can't wait to see what everyone else does...

  2. thanks for the tag casey! finding all the pics for the products took FOREVER!


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