Baby K is on the way

Today I can hardly contain my excitement. My sister Rachael who lives in Aplington is going to be induced so we can finally meet the baby that has been in the belly for the last 9 months. She didn't find out(don't even get me started on the stress that this has caused me, since it is all about me right!) so we are anxiously awaiting to see if it is another girl or a sweet little baby boy! My guess is a girl. I got to work early so we can take off and be there for the big arrival. Another wonderful blessing for the Spree/Klooster families.

Kirk, Rachael, and Miss Peyton. Kirk isn't really a grump, he just thinks it is so not cool to smile for pictures and to look tough!

And Miss Peyton with her best bud Bubba! These two are quite a pair.


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