A blog before the weekend

I am finally posting after a crazy week. My sister finally had her baby! She was induced at 9:30 am on February 2nd, and Jenzen arrived at 5:30. It was a great day. Rachael took her time but it was nice to be able to have the whole day to just hang out with my sisters. So, without further delay, I would like to introduce you to Miss Jenzen Ann Klooster. What a little peanut compared to my giant of a boy Bryson! It has been fun to hear how her big sister Peyton is loving her. So many cute stories. Another quick thing. Potty training boys is a mystery...up until a week ago Bryson would go (number 1) if I asked and promised chocolate. Number 2 was not an option for him, he would go to his secret place and take care of it there. It was just so much more convenient to go in the pull ups. Suddenly, out of nowhere, we are going number 1 in the potty all the time, telling me when he has to go, we are dry all the time, number 2 in the potty, sure and wearing Spiderman underwear.......People told me it would just happen, he would just realize hmmm I can do this. Well, let me tell you. I love it. I love the money that we save not buying pullups, I love the not having the poopy diapers to clean up. But...it does make me realize my baby is growing up way too fast!

Heading home to Parkersburg to spend some time with the new baby! Expect lots of pictures on Monday!


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