We are still here...

I haven't posted in awhile, I know this...and I am sorry. We have had a crazy three weeks and I am trying to get my bearings. I have been doing a lot of organizing(pictures to come tomorrow) and I really think I should become a professional organizer. Leave me in my room with my label maker and I am one happy woman...Anyways...short post today since I am posting pictures tomorrow. Oh, and I found a purse that I love that is similar to the one I posted. Reese's purse is from the Marni collection and probably costs around 1500.00 I don't think Kyle will let me swing that!
Have a great day! Be safe driving.
I will leave you with a video of Bryson sledding. On this particular run, his sled wouldn't stop and he kept going and going and going. He loved it, poor Kyle was tired from hauling him back up!


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