The last Christmas Post of the Year

This post marks my final Christmas post of the year. The last present has been ravaged, paper strewn about the floor, the last ham has been consumed, and the last apple cider has been sipped. We had an amazing Christmas with all the families and are truly blessed, and now truly overflowing with farm animals. I don't know who has more fun playing with the tractors and horses, Bryson or I?
I am working on a couple of projects so I am excited to show you those. Hope everyone had a great New Year's. What blog of mine would be complete without a bunch of pictures to show you.

My aunt Deb got the kids "exercise balls" with horses on top. They bounced all over the house that day, even where there was no room, they made their own paths!

Some of the ladies who came to the Annual Wetjen New Year's Eve Party. Great night with family and friends...and a million kids. Doesn't get much better than that!
Lindsay got the boys matching shirts for Christmas on the Wetjen side

One of my favorite pictures ever, my Grandpa Merle and the grandkids!

Lastly, my project I have been working on for forever. My family wall. My picture frames don't match but I think I like it. I have to change out some pictures and still add a few more, but I really like it. It is what people see as they come in from the laundry room and the front door.
So begins another work week....


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