I WANT, no I NEED..............

I am a purse Junkie...I make no qualms about it and, some would even to go as far, as I have an addiction. I don't know where or when this came about but it is uncontrollable. Kyle is aware of this problem, very much aware, and deals by making his own purchases(hunting which is way more expensive than any of the purses I have)...It all evens out. So, I saw this picture in my US Weekly magazine and I MUST HAVE! I love crossbody bags. They make shopping so much easier to have free hands to rummage through the clearance clothing, or such. Is it not the cutest. Big shoulder strap...LLLOOOVVVVEEEE....I have scoured the internets and no one knows who it is by. Probably someone uber expensive, so then I will have to find a knock off online somewhere. OH well, let the search begin.
By the way, my purse "closet" is always available for the borrowing:)


  1. I saw this picture in the tabloids too, Love her style. Finally a fellow purse junkie! I'll help in the search for this beloved purse mystery!...see what I can find.....

  2. ohhhh, pretty, pretty. i love that bag! i'm sure target has some cheap knock-off. you can always find a fun bag at target!


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