Help again please!

A venting post:
I have acne. I have always had acne. It is the bane of my happiness. Getting up and "Oh look" another zit every morning is not an ucommon thing for me. I cannot remember a time when I didn't have acne. Being pregnant with Bryson was probably the best my face ever looked. My two beautiful sisters and mom, have rarely had a zit that was noticeable, and I don't know if my sister Nicole even washes her face, she just splashes water on it(yeah, she is lucky I haven't beat her) I am fed up, I don't want prescripition because it is not that severe, but I do want something to take care of the pesky acne I do have. I am sending out and SOS because most of you that read this have really great skin. Besides great genes, what are your secrets! Do tell or I am doomed to spend the rest of my life searching.


  1. I hear you, I have the same problem! Especially with the underground warriors that come out of no where when I just get rid of one, another decides to come out, not cool! I finally went to the dermatologist because I was fed up, she put me on a minimal dose of an RA cream that I just put on at night, things got worse for awhile, but are starting to get better!

  2. I had it in high school pretty bad and then it went away until I got into my 30's, so I feel you pain. The ONLY thing that I have found that works is Skin ID. You go onto their website and fill out a survey (it is kind of gross becasue they show actual pictures of zits and have you check which zits look most like yours!), and then they mail you a customized skin care system. It is about $40 an order. They send it automatically every 2 months. I do not use it every day, however, because it does dry out my skin a little. So, I use Mary Kay on opposite days and it still works great!

    It is hard to find the right things! AND I hate that I am this old and am STILL dealing with acne! I guess it could be worse!

  3. I just use clean & clear daily pore cleanser morning & night---I did try proactive in the past & that took care of any zits I had. it was a little pricey, but worth it. i really like clean & clear--& the price!


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