A daily does of F.I.T.

I was approached by someone to blog about fitness, nutrition, workout ideas, and such. I thought about it for awhile, and thought, why not put my Personal Training Certifications, Nutrtion Certification, and constant purchases of exercise videos to good use. F- Fitness. I will I will try to provide good reviews on products that I have used, and products that you would like me to review. I-Ideas. I will post workouts that I do, and that can easily be done at home, in a time crunch, and with children. Meal ideas. Whatever pops into my head. T-Tips. Little tips you can use at home to help acheive your fitness, nutrition goals. I hope this blog helps people. My goal is to help people become healthy, become more fit, and to enjoy exercising. Does that sound too cliche. Hope not.

And that was your first daily dose of F.I.T


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