So much to say, so little space..I Love the Holidays!

The Wetjens are a bustle in the household trying to get presents bought, things organized for Christmas, and such. I cannot believe how fast this month has gone by and that Christmas is litterally right around the corner. Craziness. Bryson is starting to grasp the concept that Santa can bring him the "goods" We had our annual shopping trip/visit to Santa with my parents and sisters. Bryson was unsure of Santa and was about to bail when Santa gave him a five, and all was good. Replaying conversation with Santa and Bryson:
Santa: What you you like for Christmas
B: A computer
Santa giving me a look like, seriously, you are having your kid ask me for a computer for him
Me: A toy computer Santa
Santa goes back to talking to Bryson and he even let me take a picture with the two of them! Peyton, my neice, wanted nothing to do with Santa, and wanted Bryson off his lap immediately...

Had to get in a little snow time, and I mean little since it is so frigid out. I can't wait till the weather is a tad bit more mild so we can go out and sled and play in the snow.

Want to know how long it takes us to take a family picture......a long time because

this is usually what happens...............

Christmas Shopping is almost done, just a couple odds and ends. I love the Holidays and am so excited to spend time with my family. Sunday we have our first family Christmas with my dad's side.
Oh yeah, hunting has been taking my husband for the last two weekends. He did get a buck. Will be glad when he comes back and joins his family on the weekends!
Merry Christmas!


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