Help Please! Drape Drama

Okay, it has taken me a year and I finally picked out some drapes for my living room. Problem is they are to short in the width area. Here are some questions I would like you to give your opinion on. I have brown sheer curtains underneath, you can't see them. My thoughts are that I want to add some kind of plain brown or rust colored curtains on the outside. The circles on the drapes are rust, navy, brown.

1. Do you think the curtains are too busy?

2. Should I get a different color, is it too much tan on the walls, and the curtains

3. Since they are too short width wise, shoudl I get two plain brown or rust colored curtains to go on either side or should I got with two more drapes of the same pattern.

The sheers on my windows, 4 of them for 6.00 originally 30 something, somebody ordered them, didn't want them and the store was trying to get rid of gain..nice...drapes....1/2 off...maybe it is a good thing I waited a year.
Heres a couple of pictues i took last night while watching my Christmas movie. I love Christmas Lights at night!


  1. I love the circle pattern on those drapes! If you aren't going to close them every night, I wouldn't worry about adding anything to them. BUT, if you are, I would add a sheer in an accent color. Looks great!


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