Yes we are still here!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but things have been quite hectic around the Wetjen household. I will give you the shortened version.

1. B got his first ear infection and we had to give him Penicillin
2. Bryson we found out is allergic to penicillin and was covered in head to toe hives and his lips were quite swollen, I am allergic to penicillin, I guess now B is too
3. Kyles grandpa fell and had to be taken to the hospital. He is home now but there was some blood around his brain so they were observing that.
4. We are putting in a clear door on our shower in the our bathroom so that had consumed our time. Kyle got it in, looks great! I have plans for the shower curtain, just call me thrifty, will post pictures when that is completed.
5. HOLIDAY DECORATING! I love it and I have been gradually doing a little here and there as to not overwhelm Kyle, haha. Monday I will post pictures cause I should have everything pretty much completed.
6. I GOT TO SEE MY LOVER EDWARD, when I went to the movie New Moon with a great group of girls. While Jacob is very attractive to the eye, I am still on TEAM EDWARD. Now I have to wait till June 30th to see the next part in the series.
7. Got in a "accident" with a dog. Emotionally I am scarred but physically fine. The dog and the family I had to tell, not so fine. That is all I am going to say or I will start bawling again.
8. Getting ready to head home to the fam in Parkersburg. I cannot wait. I have not seen them in a long time it feels like. I love the holidays with my family. I am so blessed and thankful to be raised by such wonderful people.
9. Making this ornament wreath(will post pictures later) talk about frustrating, what should of been the easiest project was a pain in my butt. Hopefully it looks okay and it was worth it.
Like I said. Monday I will post pictures of Thanksgiving, decorations, etc. I leave you with one picture of Bryson helping Kyle put up lights outside. He loves to help dad!

Everyone please be safe if traveling this weekend, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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