Where in the heck did that water come from?

So...Sunday went down to my basement and thought it smelled musty like sitting water....walked around, used my super sniffer and narrowed the location to the spare bedroom in the basement...walked in and my socks were soaked(not the whole room, thank the lord).....yep we had water in the bedroom...I instantly went into freak out mode and got Kyle, who is obviously a plumber, and knows what to do....we ShamWowed the heck out of the carpet...by the way, ShamWows are really WOW, they do work...better than our shop vac. Anywhoo...got he carpet dried and i was okay, we thought that somehow after that long day of rain our sump pump did not work right....wrong....I went downstairs last night and soaked again...after usage of some not so lady like words, we went back to the shamwow and fans...that is when our "Master Plumber" Keelan came out to our house to investigate. We were thinking there was a pipe break in the wall and we would have to tear out the drywall and it would get very expensive...until Keelan found this baby.....our softener and other things drain into this drain....something is clogging this drain, so when our softener drained it just kept pouring water into the clogged drain which in turn "watered" our floor. The plumbers are coming out today to get rid of the clog in the drain. I am just thankful that it was an easily fixable situation and not a very expensive situation. So now our basement bedroom looks like this while we dry out the carpet....


  1. Love the new look of your blog! Good luck with your basement.


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