Happy Halloween, "I want to see turky", and yes that is a Christmas Blog background

Alas, the weekend has come and gone. Once again, way to fast, and filled with lots of picture taking. Friday night our town businesses had a trick or treat for the kids. We had great weather and Bryson enjoyed saying Trick or Treat to the owners.

We decided that we wanted to take B to his first Iowa game. The weather sounded like it would be nice so we ventured forth into the great unknown. I should of known Bryson would handle this the way he handles everything. Awesome. He is a great kid and so easy to take places. He loved it. He cheered, he clapped, and he looked for "turky"(herky). We tried to get a picture with Herky but he ran off to cheer. He conked out about halftime and didn't wake up till 4th quarter when Iowa actually started to score. It was ugly, but it was a win!
We got a swingset from some people who were moving and no longer needed a swing set. We have wanted to get one, just didn't want to fork out the money for it. This was Free, all we had to do was haul it. Grab Jeb, Kyle, and a big ole trailer and we got ourselves a swingset and Bryson loves it. He played on it all weekend.

This is before Halloween Night trick or treating. Scaring me with his "ROOOAARR" See the fear in my face!

Our little Tiger!
By the way....for all my Twilight peeps. We are almost to the New Moon debut, and I can't hardly wait. They are showing previews and I am so giddy with excitement. Edward my love, I have missed you. (Don't worry Mom, I still love Kyle, I just have a thing for my Vampire Love Edward)


  1. we'll have to get something organized for New Moon.....i'm going opening night, even if i'm in labor!!!


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