That was totally WICKED!

Tuesday night I had the opportunity to go to the Musical "Wicked" in Des Moines at the Civic Center. I took 4 of the people at my retirement community. And.....all I can say was AMAZING. All the reviews you have heard are true, the music, the staging, everything about it was spectacular. I have always felt(and you can ask my family on this)that I was destined for Broadway. If only I had enough nerve and money to pack up the family and move to New York to pursue my dream! Also, I could totally see myself as a Broadway junkie. If I had appropriate funds I would have season tickets shows at the Civic Center. They bring in such great shows. Lion King, Rent, all on my list of _"got to see now"

The weekend will certainly be a busy one for us. Team Thomas Marathon Relay Challenge this week. Saturday we are heading up to Des Moines, shopping, and eating supper with the whole Team Thomas crew. Sunday is the big race. Each person runs 5 miles, with the last person having to run 6.25. Should be interesting since the weather has been so wonderful(sarcastic) and appropriate for running outside. Wish me luck.

Take care~!


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