Team Thomas Marathon

On Sunday I was given the opportunity to run in memory of our late Coach, friend, and mentor, Ed Thomas. Last April we got together our relay team and decided to do a Relay marathon in which each leg ran 5 miles except for the last leg which ran 6.25 miles. This weekend that all came to fruition and my knees have hated me ever since:) At the Fitness Expo with Bryson and his visor
Team Thomas Marathon Relay

Livvy and I look chipper for 7 a.m. and freezing, don't we!

Waiting for Nicole so I can start my leg of the race....

My friend Matt made a "deal" that if we raised double our 10,000 goal he would run two marathons on race day. We raised the money! He ran his first marathon at 3 am that morning, and then started the actual marathon with everyone and finished that around 1p.m. 52.4 miles in one day, insane.

Bryson was absolutley amazing throughout the whole race...he loved cheering all the racers on, and traveling around in the truck to each transition site. Bryson is such a great kid and I am truly blessed to have him!

I am working on a big project at home, so I am anxious for it to get done, and show the pictures...poor Kyle, this one will involve a lot of his help....he must be the most patient husband I know....LOVE HIM!
Take care and have a good week! I am leaving you with the video of Nicole ending her leg of the race and me beginning mine....can you hear my voice?


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