Cookies, Shopping and Snow?

Bryson and I went home to Parkersburg this weekend while Kyle took Jeb to the Iowa/Michigan game. Jeb is a huge Michigan fan, and we wanted to rub it in good once we won, so this seemed like the best way to do it....What a great weekend we had...we love going home to see everyone and of course to play with Pey Pey(my neice Peyton).
Friday night we walked up to the football game(we don't live far from the school) and saw Grandpa sitting in the ambulance(he is on the Ambulance crew and it was his night to be at the football game) Grandpa gave them the tour of the ambulance and they loved it.

Saturday, our usual morning breakfast, then off to Grundy to shop and look at all the stores! The kids were so good. I myself was not good, and could of bought out one whole store...What weekend would be complete without a little ride on Daffy. I really need to get a pony down here for Bryson....he just loves them.

Sunday morning, Grandma and B decided to makes some cookies...notice the apron, he loved it...see video at bottom of screen! Peyton and B playing the kitchen out at Aunt Debbies! My first ever apple pie. Crust, from scratch..check....apples, cored, sliced...check (thanks to my fantastic purchase at the kitchen collection, oh beautiful apple corer and slicer) Turned out pretty good, but I still have to make a few modifications to the crust...
I don't know if you can see it well, but we put a mantle in over our upstairs fireplace using the old barn board wood that we used for the whole fireplace. I have to get a few things for what I am thinking for decorating and then will post another picture.
My project Before
and after

It will be nice to interchange the garland for each season and add stuff. I am not completely done decorating here but I thought I would post a picture.
Have a great week everyone!


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