What does vacation mean?

Vacation...what does it mean...relaxing, soaking up the sun with a nice cold drink...yeah right. Vacation means, painting furniture to make it look pretty, seeding the lawn, painting a chalkboard and magnet board in Brysons play area. 10 + coats. Plenty of pictures will arrive after it is finally completed. I just need to put the finishing touches on it.

So, what did we do this weekend..a photo diary....

Friday night...grocery shopping...always fun spending so much money on so little groceries...seriously....also got hit on by some college guys...momma has still got it...until they saw the wedding ring and then they scattered...

Saturday...and here is where it gets busy!
First Hawkeye game of the year...tailgating, Kinnick, ahh...love it all

Pasture golf...a annual thing of Kyle's family. Stinkbine golf course(cow pasture). Hitting glow ball golf balls trying to avoid the cow pies..Good times had by all. A great chance to be with friends and family and enjoy the awesome weather we have been having. Below is Ben Grier taking a shot off the tee, I think it dribbled down the hill...
Bryson enjoying a sunset swing with his girlfriend Kalon, as I have said before, they have an arranged marriage.

Sunday...Nicole and I participated in our first bow shoot....We had a blast and Bryson loved seeing all the different animal targets to shoot at. He walked right along with us. I shot okay for my first time. I enjoy being able to do this with Kyle and he is a pretty patient teacher, when I want to listen to him.

Look at that form!

Had to throw in a picture of Bryson "balancing on his board" I think he is going to be a gymnast...haha...and you just have to love the gatorade mustache he is sporting.

Monday...."vacation" day...Kyle helped me put the leg on my hutch I bought and get it all prettied up so I could put it in my dining room. I looooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee it. There are some scratches on it, but this is a winter project to work on. I also got my fall stuff out. I just love fall and the colors and smells.

Whew...I think that pretty much covers our weekend. I will post pictures tomorrow of all my paint projects that I worked on over the weekend.

Take care.

I also have something else in the works that I have wanted to do for awhile but I am not ready to reveal yet. Ooh, the suspense!


  1. I NEED A BIGGER PICTURE OF THAT HUTCH!!! it looks great, but i want to get a closer look. it looks perfect in your dining room. can't wait to see bryson's play area!


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