Thrifty is my name

So, I have been looking all over for a hutch to go in my dining area. The one I wanted was my mother in laws but she wasn't going to give that up for some time, so I began my quest to find one. Ebay, garage sales, thrift stores, and craigslist. All had left a void, until one day Craigslist came through for me, and I found my baby. One leg is broken so I will have to perform some handywork but I don't care, it is beautiful and I love it and the price was even better. $40 dollars. Wowza...I saw a couple online for 300-500 dollars...I don't think so. Anyways. I am posting a picture of the before. It is upside down so I can work on the leg, but you get the general idea. A little clean up, a makeover on the handles and it is will be beautiful. I am finding it fun to see how thrifty and crafty I can be. As everyone knows, I love a challenge.

This weekends agenda....Hawkeye game on Saturday, Family Reunion Saturday afternoon, and pasture golf ( I will let the pictures explain it). Lovin that it is a 3 day weekend. Yeah.

Have a great weekend!
The picture is upside down so I can work on the leg but you can get the general idea!


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