Somethings missing....

Nothing much to report here on my end. Couple things from our trip to Parkersburg for a night. Went to the football game, the first football game without Coach Thomas leading the pack out of the locker room onto the field. I really was unsure of how noticeable it would be, but to me it was a huge void, one that probably won't ever be filled. In a way I have it easy, I don't have to relive the tragedy every Friday when he doesn't run out at the football games. I don't have to remember what happened and how many lives were affected. I don't have to cry again, but I do, because Aaron was a great friend of mine and I mourn for his families loss. I applaud his strength through this nightmare. Because of Coach Thomas faith, we know that he is in a much better place where I know he is watching over Parkersburg and looking down with pride seeing us come together like we have!


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