"My do it"

"My do it" are words we frequently hear around the Wetjen household now that Bryson is declaring his independence from mom and dad. He wants to do things on his own, which is awesome, but also a little sad that he is not dependent on me anymore:( He still needs his mommy to help him out sometimes, but he is getting to be such a big boy now! Scary how fast time flies.

We had a great weekend in Parkersburg, got to spend a lot of time with Peyton and Rachael since the boys were shingling the Klooster house. Parkersburg was having their open houses so we went shopping downtown and checked out the new school(awesome) The kids were great and busy and loved the free food samples at the open houses. They also love their aunt debby who kept feeding them those food samples.

Got home Saturday night, Grandpa Spree had to water his yard, so the kids thought why not water ourselves too. They were soaked, but had a blast.

Of course they were covered in mud, so bathtime followed immediately.

Last night we took in some golf with Nicole and Jeb. It was awesome. We were the only people on the course, and we could take our sweet time and teach Bryson how to be the next Tiger Woods.

He is showing me how to putt in this shot.

Nicole and Jeb, take 3

My partner in crime

A little video of the kiddos playing in the sprinkler. Next up, I am taking Brysons overdue 2 year pictures.

Take care and have a great day!


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