Lions, Tigers, and the State Fair..oh my!

Warning: Picture overload...We had such a great week and weekend at the State Fair and the zoo, I had to share.

Riding the rides

Bryson was all for feeding the camel, until the camels lips swallowed his hand!
Bryson and Grandpa looking at the fish! He loved the fish!
Feeding the goats
Up close and personal with the lion! It started raining and they moved underneath the overhang so we got a real good look at him.

Stare down between Bryson and the crocodile...who is going to blink first.
The Wetjen Crew at the Zoo!
We had a great time and I can't believe the summer is coming to an end. We went to the soap games for football and volleyball and are excited about the upcoming seasons for both! I love football and football weather! On the agenda for this weekend, heading to Parkersburg for their first home game since the death of Ed Thomas and then back to Williamsburg for a family wedding!
Hope you find as many blessings in your lives as I do mine!


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