Farmers Markets, Birthdays, and

Thought I would drop a post to show you all the cute pictures from the weekend. We had a great time with our friends. Saturday we went to the Cedar Rapids Farmers Market with Nate, Laci, and Averie Lower. I had never been there but wow, I will go back. 5 blocks or more of vendors selling food, jewelry, anything you can really imagine. There was music in the park for us to listen to and for the kids to dance around too. We tried probably what I would dub as the best breakfast burrito in the world, and some kettle corn. Deelish.

Saturday, the Grier family and the Wetjens piled into their vehicle and went to Laci's "suprise" 30th birthday party. Kids played, parents chatted around the fire pit. It was beautiful weather and it was so relaxing to sit around the fire and watch the kids play together.

Sunday was spent at home and Grandpa and Grandma Wetjens, unloading hay and straw. Bryson got to play with his cousins so needless to say he was exhausted and a mess that night.

Another busy weekend but a fun one.

I have a project in the works for my laundry room that I am excited to get done and show you. Hopefully it will be done sooner than later

Bryson decided it was easier for him to get in the cage with the rabbit and pet him than stand outside of the cage. I have to download video of him saying, "hi buddy, hi buddy" to the rabbit. It is so cute.

Till next time!


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