Family Reunions and Family Fun

Just posting on last weekends picture taking events. Friday night, I played softball with the coed team I sub for. I played horrible and will never play again(okay, I can't back that up, but I did play horrible, and I am still mad at myself). After the softball catastrophe as I like to call it, we headed up to Cedar Rapids to pick Nicole and Jeb up from the airport. They were arriving home from their honeymoon in Jamaica...lucky...When we go to the airport we love to watch the planes land and take off. I can remember as kids going with my parents to the airport, and we would love to watch planes come in and out of the airport. I cherished those moments as a child and I hope Bryson does too. Making a memory. (Bryson watching the planes)
Saturday we traveled to Parkersburg with Nicole to see the fam and to attend a Junker family reunion. The reunion was held at the Parkersburg park so Bryson and Peyton spent their time on the playground equipment. We had a fantastic time playing. There was a race for 20-29 year olds, yes I am still in that bracket, and pretty sure I won...The men's race, supposed to be friendly competition, was hiliarious. My dad almost fell down once, and then actually dif all down. So did my uncle. Can you say competitive. After the kids napped we went swimming, even though it was cold. Grandpa and Grandma came along but the kids had enough so they left with them and the adults stayed and played for awhile. If you could of only known what games we made up, since we were practically the only ones in the pool. Saturday night brought on the ole 3-13 card game with my aunts,mom, and Nicole..pretty sure I did not win that one!

Sunday we headed back down to the park for a Classic car show. My dad was serving Pork loin burgers for the EMS crew, so we went down and had some lunch and looked at some really neat cars.

Another very busy weekend down and a busy week ahead. We will be heading to the State Fair on Thursday and the fair on Friday. I can't wait for those pictures.

Take care

Bryson and his friend Amelia, goofing around..


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