Baseball, Single Life, and Golfing

Getting ready for the baseball game. Going to watch our friend Ben coach the Williamsburg Raiders to a victory in their first District Game. Felt more like Football weather..jeans, sweatshirts, and fleece jackets, come on Mother Nature, what is going on? Made me excited for football season though. Williamsburg ended up losing but they played a great game.

Bryson made a new friend, Teagan, at the baseball game, and they enjoyed rolling down the hill at the baseball game over and over, making me nauseaous watching them!

Posing for the camera!

Another family shot, close up, going to the game!

Saturday night I was a single parent, and a single wife....Bryson went to Pburg while Kyle went to Jebs bachelor party. Boy, did I live it up, cleaned house, and watched movies the whole night. It was nice to relax but I sure did miss my boys.
Sunday, a beautiful weather day, brought us to a couples golf tournament in Williamsburg. 18 holes best shot. We had a blast with the other couples. Sure, we didn't win any money, but we had fun and that is all that matters! right?:) I am waiting for Amber to email me some pictures of the girls and guys and then I will post those!

This week marks the final countdown to my "little sisters" wedding. Nicole and Jeb will be married on July 25th in Parkersburg and I cannot wait. I have seen her in her dress and she is gorgeous..but it makes me think, wow, time really does go way too fast. I can remember her as a little, skinny, middle schooler hanging out with her friends at our house. Then I turn around and she is graduating from High School, and college. *sniff, sniff*....I know her and Jeb will be so happy and I cannot wait to see Jeb in a tux!
I only have a three day work week this week which is nice, so I won't probably post again till after the wedding and then watch out for major picture overload!

Have a great week!


  1. Casey - have a great time with the wedding. It is a great moment when your little sibling gets married! The pictures of the kids are great - the second is a little too much like an engagement picture though! A sign of things to come? Who knows!


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