At last, a wedding blog............

Here I am finally posting on the Spree/Stanford Wedding Extravaganza. What an absolutely amazing time was had by everyone! The bride was stunning in her dress, the groom looked pretty handsome in his tux too! Bryson and I made the trip to Parkersburg on Wednesday night so we could get cracking on the decorating with the family. Got to the reception area and were interrupted by a group of people who had reserved the area to sing...uh fear, we let them practice and we came back later around 8:30pm and were there till about 11:30. Thursday, more decorating and pedicures for the ladies. Friday, last minute decorating, and rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. As many of you know, Bryson and my neice Peyton were in the wedding as a ring bearer and flower girl. Rehearsal did not go well, both were wanting "mommy" and did not want to walk. Jebs neice Lily was perfect. Panic was starting to creep into my mind about the wedding day. Somewhat early night to bed for Bryson so he could be ready.

Wedding time. Quick run to Kwik Star for refreshments then to the church for hair done by yours truly and my cousin Leslie, and Kali.

Bryson is seen here eating his breakfast in the toy room in the church, we loved that toy room, while the girls are getting their hair done.

Nicole waiting for her hair appointment, nice look Nicole!
Molly and Tarah were the official pull the kids in the wagon and push them on the trike girls! Thank you ladies for occupying the kids!

Anyone who knows me knows I love to sneak up on people pictures and pose with them. A perfect example below!

The gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, bride to be. Nicole Stanford!

The happy couple on the trolley ride to the reception. Too cute

Cheesy smile time

The kids dancing, sorry so small, took them from someone else's page and they are in a smaller resolution. I will post official ones in the coming days.

Sorry for the long post but there was a lot to cover when you have 4 days to look back on. I am so happy for Nicole and Jeb. Kyle and I love hanging out with them and we look forward to many many good times together. Love you guys!


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