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I think one who takes Friday off, should always schedule Monday off too. Oh, well I guess we must go on and try our best to recover. What a great weekend we had, Adventureland on Friday with Kyle's family. Saturday, we swam and had a dinner at Kyle's Grandma and Grandpas, and Sunday, we had a picnic in Williamsburg with family. It was non stop action packed and Bryson had a blast each and everytime. I won't bore you with details about Adventureland but rather provide you with a few quips about the photos I am sharing. Bryson loved everything about Adventureland and I am thinking we are going to have to take him back for another round.

Despite getting a very rainy start to the day, pullled over at Newton right before a torrential rainstorm, it cleared up and the weather was beautiful.

This was the extent of me riding any rides, I don't do spinny things. I did do the space shot and that was a big step!
The raging river....waited in line a long time..but I can remember waiting in line with my mom,dad, and sisters to go on this ride when we came here and it brought back some good memories!

Bryson wore himself out! While waiting in line for the Raging River, he zonked out and slept.

Kaden, Eden, Bryson, and Braylon all riding the Frog Hopper. See video at bottom! These kids were hooked at the hip all day! It was so cute to watch them ride rides and play together!

Our first ride of the day was the ladybugs......

We ended the day at the waterpark in Adventureland. I cannot attach all pictures now so I will do another blog with some more pictures. Yeah! And a night wouldn't be complete with out some pizza at Pizza Hut to fill the bellies for the trip home!


  1. casey you don't know me but i went to high school with kyle. i came across your blog from hayley's blog. i couldn't help but notice your little boys name. that is what i wanted to name our last little boy, but we went with braylon instead. so it was really weird to see a braylon on here too:)

    anyhow, looks like you had a great trip to adventureland. i haven't been there in forever and should take my boys.


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