4th of July Fun

Is it Monday already, I feel like I was just leaving work on Thursday for a 3 day vacation. I will try to cover our weekend for you without boring you with so many details.
Friday, cleaned and met Grandpa and Grandma Spree in Iowa City and did some shopping.
Saturday.....rainy, cold 4th of July. I was so looking forward to a warm day where Bryson could play in the park while Kyle and I ran the 5k. Didn't happen. Oh, Kyle and I ran the 5k, soaked, and frozen, but we made it and in not that bad of times considering the weather conditions. I wonder if I will ever be a runner, my mind says yes, but my body just laughs.

Bubba running and almost falling during the tot trot on the 4th. Aunt Nicole had him all ready and warmed up to run, and boy did he run. He only stopped for a second to get the prizes at the corners.

Down the straightaway

Bryson and I waiting for the tot trot to begin...
Bubba and I at the fireworks. He loved them. He loved the big "booms" and the pretty "big ones" I think his exact words were all night "whoa" and "what is daddy doing" my reply " he is shooting off fireworks" ( I think that phrase was repeated at least 13 times, Nicole was counting)
What 4th of July is complete without Sparklers. Thank you Aunt Nicole for bringing the sparklers! B thought he was pretty cool stuff with the sparklers in hand.
Special thanks to my Grandpa and Grandma Spree for coming and visiting us for the weekend, and for watching B on Friday night for a couple of hours. We had a blast!
Countdown to Nicole's wedding....t-minus 19 days! Things are going to get crazy!


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