What a weekend!

Where do I even begin to start describing our emotional, fun filled weekend. Got home on Friday night to Parkersburg, of course, grandma had homemade pizza for us. Yummy. Saturday of course was our ritual breakfast outting. Again Yummy! Saturday afternoon is when the action started when we headed to the Butler County Fair. We have been going to the fair since I was a little girl. I have a lot of fond memories there. The kids were in heaven, animals everywhere, games, rides....After a walk through the cow barns we headed to the grandstand to watch the Chuckwagon Races, my favorite, and now Brysons favorite too. The kids (Bryson and his cousin Peyton) were great. After the races were done and we had toured the fair, we headed home since we would be there again that night. Naps were taken and then we were headed right back to the fair. Bryson participated in the rabbit scramble, rooster scramble and the gold rush. He was a maniac. I was thinking he wouldn't want to chase them. Boy was I wrong. Soon as I let him go in the pen, he was off and had a rabbit in his hands. It was so cute to watch. My neice Peyton didn't care so much for the animals...The kids rode rides and we got a good laugh watching them bounce in the giant inflatable castle.
Sunday and Monday brought a different kind of emotion. Closure and the realization that this trajedy did happen in Parkersburg, but we again would come together as a town and "rebuild". I am glad I went. The family was so strong. Bryson hung with me in the visitiation line for the first 3 of the four hours we had to stand, then Aunt Debbie came and got him and Peyton for a little farm time. Thank you Deb.
All in all, it was a great weekend. The Butler County Fair was a great time. I celebrated a man's life and his commitment to God and family, and Parkersburg.
P.S. Sorry this post is so long, a lot of stuff happened this weekend:)
P.S.S. You will be missed Coach...Love, Spreer

Great Grandpa Merle, Bryson, and Peyton watching the Chuckwagon Races
The cut on his chin. He tried to shave his chin while I was washing my face. Must of had some stubble he needed to get rid of...

Bryson's rabbit..."Bryson, what is your rabbits name?"......."umm, rabbit"

Bryson and Peyton on the spaceship ride...I will post video of this tomorrow
Our little flowers
Bryson working on his golf game.

My pretty, precious, adorable, (miss her so much all the time) neice Peyton in her birthday tutu....she did not want to pose for pictures for me...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEY PEY!


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